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Innovative Dating and Relationship Perspectives from LB.

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Thank you for your interest in the messages spoken in the Bay Area on September 6 and 8, 2013. We trust they will enrich you and your loved ones!


Masculine and Feminine, Empowering Each Other

What you don’t know about the opposite gender (or your own, for that matter) can hurt you (and everyone around you)! Love Breakthrough coach Christy Sanborn provides information on masculine and feminine hard-wired traits, needs, and communication tendencies. She describes how men and women can empower each other by understanding each other’s points of view and expressing it with love instead of antagonism. She proposes methods on how to understand and heal someone you’ve wounded. Handouts included.

Finding Romance in a World of Broken Relationships

The media, the Internet, and even communities of faith are cluttered with all kinds of tips and programs to find “The One.”  Love Breakthrough coach Christy Sanborn addresses frustrating cliches and assumptions, offering uplifting alternate mindsets. She suggests a whole new paradigm for the reality of the state of relationships for the contemporary single person of faith. She offers practical ways to address issues like temptations, competition, status and searching for a covenant relationship. Handout included.

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