Breakup Autopsy

Love is out cold. Call the LB Medical Examiner, stat!

How did Love die? How was your heart broken? How can you come-to?

With Christy’s support and LB’s 7 Strategy Components, during a session, we’ll:

  • Analyze the relationship break-down
  • Co-create a relationship exit strategy (if you are the one considering breaking up)
  • Dissect the emotional cause-effect triggers
  • Reframe events with hopeful reality
  • Co-devise an action plan to move forward

How does a session work?

We’ll meet over the phone, via Skype, or in person for 2 hours. Total amount is paid at the time of the session. On a budget? Contact us for more information about options and upcoming workshops, webinars, and events. We look forward to finding a program or referral that fits your needs.

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