Covenant Restored – Giving Thanks (in Advance)

Many of us have experienced or will experience life-altering events that shake us to the core, robbing us of our ability to enjoy self-fulfillment and healthy partnerships.  But if we seek it, we can find great gifts hiding within every trial.

Once upon a time, some Europeans who were fleeing religious persecution landed on the American continent.  They were vulnerable and uncertain on this foreign soil.  People of the Nations who lived in the land welcomed them, made friends with them, showed them how to survive.  They broke bread together.  They respected each other.  They made covenants with each other.

The history is complex, but we know that certain descendants of the Europeans chose to value possessing the land above honoring those vows.  Land was stolen.  Trust was shattered.  Generations later, the children of the First Nations still reside stripped of their identity, confined to reservations across the country.

It’s no wonder the whole country suffers with the plague of mistrust; broken vows are commonplace.  The divorce rate climbs sky high.

One way we can positively respond is by giving thanks for that time of innocence and glory, of this country – and of our own lives.  Times have changed.  We can never retrieve exactly what was lost.  We can only remember with gratitude for times of plenty, neighborliness and faithfulness.  As we focus on blessings of the past, we let go of discouragement and worry.  Remembering enables our belief for goodness to return.  Belief also stirs motivation to take positive actions with stronger conviction.

Today awareness grows; more programs are being developed for the empowerment of First Nations peoples.  Likewise, more and more people who come from broken backgrounds seek ways to grow personally and contribute to society.

Imagine – what would it look like if power and dignity returned to the First Nations?  What would restoration in your personal life look like?  Let us give thanks for the gifts we are about to receive…

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