Are you a matchmaker?

Nope.  We believe that matchmakers have their place, especially in certain ethnic and religious communities who have historical references with community matchmaking.  We also are developing a method of community matchmaking, but there is no “database” and LB’s role is to guide you through dating strategies – both in your search and your relating to candidates. Ask, and we may have an appropriate referral for you, however.

Do you have a matchmaking online dating database?

Nope.  We are here to help you make the most of online dating services out there as well as help you tap into the many “natural” ways to connect with appropriate candidates.  You won’t be sorry.  We can help you avoid common blunders and make your profile and communications easier and more effective.

What is a Dating and Relationship Strategist?

You’ve certainly heard of therapists.  You’ve probably heard of “Life Coaches”.  We’re something like a mix of those, only with a more “nuts and bolts” goal-oriented approach to emotions and relationships, while still giving Love the primary place it deserves.  We recognize the confusing times we’re living in, and this is why we believe “Strategy” is the key.  We can help people “get out there” with casual dating, but our main passion and aim is to help people toward life-long fulfillment in marital covenant.

What is your success rate?

First, please see LB’s definition of Success: “Redefining Success Stories”.  LB Dating Strategist Christy Sanborn worked for eHarmony for 5 years.  She was tops in Customer Care and was entrusted a position as Dating and Relationship Advice Specialist where she coached members one-on-one, through social media channels, and through online discussions.

She also began to accumulate clients outside of eHarmony, and decided to start LB so she could dedicate her focus to the bigger picture of dating and relationships.  Many of those whom she’s advised have entered into marriage, have improved their partnership dynamics, and have had breakthroughs in self-worth and communication.

How are you qualified?

Christy Sanborn worked at eHarmony for 5 years, the latter half as a Dating and Relationship Advice Specialist.  She then delved into PAX Programs’ core workshop curriculum and stays involved with the PAX community as it continues research in the area of masculine and feminine partnership.

She has been working as a Dating and Relationship Strategist with LB since April 2012.  She has spoken to large and small groups in Southern and Northern California.  She has incorporated coaching almost daily into her life since starting at eHarmony in 2006.  So she has coached thousands in their online and “IRL” search and relationships.  See the above statement about “Success Rate” and the About LB page as well.

Are you a “success story”?

Please first read our short blog, “Refining Success Stories.”  In light of that message, yes!  We’re always seeking growth in “Success.”  One of LB’s strengths is that our clients’ successes don’t hinge upon the coach’s!  We’re not of the shiny success story variety who boasts, “One day you can be just like me and my incredible Alpha-Spouse.”  Our “7 Strategy Components” aren’t magical formulas, but they do contain distilled wisdom.  We firmly believe (as we have experienced) that we don’t have control over making “perfect” relationships happen.  Success is found in making daily choices and dedicating yourself to Love moment by moment.

Is this a faith-based business?

Love Breakthrough is not a religiously-affiliated company in the official sense.  Because Christy Sanborn is a person of the Christian faith, you can expect those values to come through in her perspective and point of view.

A primary aspect of our mission involves promoting self-understanding and expression to all our clients and audience members.  We cherish giving voice to opinions and points of view different from our own.  We believe partnership comes alive when there is freedom to respectfully disagree and work together upon areas of mutual agreement joyfully.  Please know that we do focus on helping those who are looking for long-term commitment, especially in marriage.  We do believe that partnership between Strategist and Client requires agreeing upon working toward a goal we both believe in.  Above that, we uphold and adhere to Love Itself.

I don’t live near Los Angeles, can you still work with me?

Absolutely.  Many of our clients are long distance.  We can speak over the phone or Skype.  If you’re interested in Private Strategy Sessions or Dating Hotline Micro-Sessions, just e-mail and we’ll set up an appointment.  If you’re interested in having LB conduct Dating Strategy Groups for your community or group of friends, we can schedule for tele-conferences.

For any questions you don’t see here, please feel free to contact us.