For Women

…Unless you’re having fun!

No more contorting yourself to get or keep Mr. Right…

  • Fall in love with who you are and how you are designed and wired as an individual and as a woman.

  • Discern what kind of guy only has eyes for you.

  • Reassess what type of guy you can really be passionate about.

  • Navigate your need for physical and emotional safety along the way.

  • Receive empathy and understanding for all the range of emotions you’ll experience during your love-journey.

***Note!  As part of being empathetic, we’ll guide you out of old patterns that don’t work into fresh new ones. We’re not here to commiserate like a girlfriend and tell you things like, “that guy who hurt you is a jerk! His loss!”

  • Connect your femininity with a guy’s masculinity.

  • Explore how men are wired differently and have a different point of view that often makes surprisingly good sense.

  • Experience how the differences with a guy can make life so much richer for you.

  • Suggestions and insights about your journey that may not fit into formulas and templates you’ve heard. Your story is unique.

There may be ups and downs, but it’s an adventure that leads to a fulfilling place.

We look forward to walking alongside you, ladies!