Hate Online Dating? Read this.



A few years ago, we conducted a survey of over 100 people who’d been in relationships for six years or more. Online dating was in the top three places of where people met their counterparts. That means, if you’re not going to meet your special someone at college or at work, you’re most likely to meet them online! The statistics of sites like eHarmony are phenomenal, as well. Just do an Internet search for current statistics of eHarmony and other online dating sites because they change frequently.

Using Online Dating Effectively

Even the most sincere daters “misuse” online dating. Not because they have bad intentions, but because they are stumped as to how it actually works. They end up inadvertently sabotaging themselves and concluding that online dating itself is to blame and “it’s not for them”.

Well, let’s face it. Online dating isn’t many people’s favorite thing. But it can get the job done if you make adjustments. You need to know the facts, create the right kind of profile, and navigate communications with the right matches. You’ll put your best foot forward and spend energy on better matches.

LB knows how to help you make that happen. Check out our Online Dating Help Programs. And go to our homepage and request a free download of our tele-seminar “5 Secrets of the Online Dating Industry”.

“Online Dating Is Contrived…”

Many people who long for a relationship believe “if it’s meant to be, it will happen”. We get it, and while we believe in serendipitous relationships, there’s still “our part”. We help you sort out what you can and can’t control. Getting your foot in the dating world is a relational action that will help you when the serendipitous relationship arrives, even if it’s not through online dating.

Online Dating Wizardry

LB Dating Coach Christy Sanborn worked for eHarmony in a specially created position as a dating and relationship specialist and won multiple awards for customer care. She was on the Profile Advisor team and rewrote numerous online dating profiles. She zeroed in on concepts of what works and what doesn’t and saw remarkable results when people either changed their profiles or just came to terms with the nature of online dating and how it works. She wrote multiple articles for eHarmony Advice (under a top secret alias). She is an online dating wiz and can help you fix what’s broken with your online search.