Hug A Saint Today – And Don’t Let Go!

Happy “All Saints Day”!

As I mentioned yesterday, in the Scottish Ballad, Tam Lin, the heroine, Janet, rescues her lover, Tam Lin, by snatching him from his horse before he is burned alive in a bon fire as a human sacrifice.  She holds onto him as the wicked Fairy Queen transforms him into all kinds of terrifying shapes – a lion, a cobra, a bear.  No matter what form he takes, she does not let go until he is himself.  And free.

Like the Fairy Queen, you can hold onto someone in order to try and make them become what you want them to be or what you think they should be because you feel entitled, you want to control them, and you want them to be yours.  You want them to be what YOU want them to be.

Like Janet, you can also hold onto believing the best about someone – no matter what hideous shapes they shift into – until you witness their release into their true identity.

No one comes out of the womb as a “Saint”.  Sainthood only reveals itself through numerous transformations.

Today consider forgiving someone who has wronged you.  Believe in the “Saint” inside them.

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