Guest Speaking & Panels

Golly! It's a relationship epiphany!

Golly! It’s a relationship epiphany!

You’ll be mesmerized.  Or jump up and shout…

LB’s Dating Strategist, Christy Sanborn, has spoken to small and large groups throughout California on Dating and Relationship topics. She connects with her audience with a combination of empathy and humor, challenging dating advice of pop culture and providing real solutions.

As a former dating and relationship specialist at eHarmony, she specializes in online dating advice. As a seasoned dating coach, she offers methods of more effective communication and personal growth in the dating process.

Typical Topics Include:

  • Navigating Online Dating

  • Dating & Relationships for Faith-based Groups

  • Facing Fears, Finding Love

  • Customized topics for your community

Where fitting, Christy can include songs as part of speaking engagements for greater emotional impact. In addition, she can be available after her presentations for group Q&A or brief one-on-one sessions.

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