Online Dating How-to Classes

Nail your online dating success in a workshop or webinar.

The tools you get will come in handy…

If you want to be in a relationship, but think Online Dating Is:

  • “Not for me”
  • Too much work for nothing
  • Frustrating and draining
  • A great way to get rejected over and over
  • A place for weirdos and socially inept people to meet each other
  • Not romantic
  • Just plain old doesn’t work

Consider taking an LB Online Dating Class! It’ll be worth it. Why?

More and more “normal” people meet their long term relationship partners through online dating. Chances are, you can too.

Many if not most people misunderstand and therefore approach online dating the wrong way. Their experience and views of online dating reflect this.

Our Online Dating instructor, Dating Coach Christy Sanborn, worked at eHarmony as a Dating Specialist and Profile Adviser and knows online dating backward and forward. We bet that you could change your experience for the better.

  • How to Approach Online Dating Effectively

  • Profile Writing Workshops

  • Taking & Choosing Attractive Photos

  • Interpreting Profiles & Communication from matches

  • How to Write Appealing Messages

Contact us for information on upcoming workshops and webinars, or order a private one for your group or community.