LB’s 7 Strategy Components

LB’s 7 Strategy Components

LB doesn’t believe in formulas or instant fixes.  So don’t confuse our “7 Components” with “7 Easy Steps”-type of formulas.  These 7 Components are among the areas you can request to focus on in your sessions, or we may recommend focusing on certain components depending on how our process unfolds.

1. Methods of Search

We’ll decide which means of relationship searching/dating are right for you: Online Dating, Events, using your “Cupid Crew”, etc.  Co-strategize methods such as casting a wide net vs. narrowing the playing field.

2. Approach/introduction

For men, we work on techniques to make initial and ongoing connections with the kind of ladies you are interested in.  For women, we work on openness, approachability, signaling interest.

3. Identity or “Brand”

We define who you really are – your likes, dislikes, what you have to offer in a relationship.

4. “District”

Once we determine your “Brand”, we define your “District”, or where to “market” yourself.  This may refer to literal location, but it also concerns targeting the candidates with appropriate qualities for your brand.

5. Navigating Uncertainties

The Dating & Relationship arenas are confusing these days!  We offer clarity and guidance as we review the context of your situations and how they fit into the big picture.

6. Conversation/communication

We’ll address how you may be miscommunicating or sending the wrong/right messages to your candidates and how to make the most satisfying connections.

7. Overcoming barriers

We’ll explore the best methods to tackle any self-defeating belief systems that may come to the surface along the way.


*Meeting regularly provides the opportunity for us to develop rapport and familiarity, and more comes out.  As you move forward, new challenges will crop up, so we can hone into those things to keep you moving forward.  For daters: take advantage of opportunities for personal growth during the search process, and you’ll be better off in the actual relationship!