Online Dating Profile Check-Up

“Your virtual pulse is dangerously low. Take two profile suggestions and call me in the morning.”

An appointment with the Love Doctor – just in time.

If you’re having aches and pains in your online dating experience or think you’re about to flatline, it’s time to get a Check-Up.

 Our Love Doctor will get to the root of your ills and diagnose you:

  • Like an “x-ray,” you’ll see what’s apparent and transparent to your matches.
  • Get your vital signs – where you’re healthy and where you need a new outlook.
  • Know what changes to make on your profile so it comes to life.
  • Take your meds and see how you’ll feel better and improve your online experience.

Purchase your Check-Up, and we’ll e-mail our brief online Questionnaire where you can upload your profile and 7 photos. Just fill it out and submit it.  Our Love Doctor will send you a prescription for your medication via e-mail.  $50 for Check-Up.  No refunds.

Check-out the Check-Up Sample!