Online Dating Profile Makeover Samples

Your profile will come our more tangible and relatable, with your “voice” intact.  We don’t do a lot of flowery, over-the-top language.  We want you to connect with someone in your “District” (See LB’s 7 Strategy Components for details).

*These exemplify each of the typical types of questions on Online Dating profiles.


“Self-description” Examples:

Best foot forward without “proving”:

As IT director for a publishing company of cutting-edge educational children’s books, I get to apply my technical talents and people skills to a mission I believe in. And there’s plenty of space in my life for a relationship. I’m ready for a good hike or rock climb with a special woman, especially in some faraway place, maybe Latin America.


Normal and boring gets a streak of unique:

I enjoy volunteering by “teaching people how to fish”. (It’s an expression, I don’t know how to fish, but I’m willing to learn.) It’s a priority to me to live in close proximity to my family. We help each other out and laugh at each other. Don’t worry, they’re cool.


Positive, realistic, and TMI-free for the self-conscious:

I’ve gotten interested in personal growth. Through some tough times I’ve learned to be tender. I have a unique gait to my walk. In a world that’s rushing, I’ve come to enjoy my pace. I am often quiet and I like to drink in the world and people around me.


Creative turns of phrase for all the cliches:

Don’t get freaked out by my poker-face.  I’m just trying to figure out whether or not you are a goofball like me.  Once I determine that you are, you won’t get me to stop cracking you up and doing sweet things for you like taking out the garbage or writing a love poem on a sticky note and putting it in your makeup kit.


“What I’m looking for in a relationship” Example:

Vague character qualities brought into focus:

For a guy: I would like to find a real lady who is as old-fashioned as I am. She is receptive to all the good in her life and is grateful for it.
For a gal: Men who are intentional and deliberate about their commitments and endeavors are my favorite. That’s the kind of man I can support and cheer on.


Entertaining, not demanding and draining:

I’d love a partner who finds brainstorming and bouncing smart and stupid ideas off each other as fun as I do.


Feel invisble? Catch eyes with a vivid invitation:

I’m looking for a partner who has a way with words – knows how to be both gracious and forthright when the rubber meets the road. My favorites are Dodgers games and Disneyland, both. Wanna come with? Message me. 🙂


Don’t claim your baggage, claim your soul mate:

For a guy: I am looking for a woman who takes time for self-care physically and emotionally. A beauty inside and out.
For a gal: I like a man who knows what he wants and goes for it in his career and personal life. He values accountability and responsibility as do I.


“Favorite Activities”/”Leisure time” Example:

Better ways to say “I like sports, music, and movies”:

When I can, I like getting out there with running marathons or team sports. I did get to Coachella last year and we’ll see what this year has. I like to find obscure bands and check them out locally. And, I spend a fair amount of time catching the latest movies (blockbusters and indies).


Making “activities lists” more engaging:

I’ve gone to 4 out of 7 continents to visit friends and see the sites. 3 more to go! I do find all kinds of outlets for exercise. Yoga’s my favorite. I’m into gaming and I like the old school kind too, like cards and board games. I’m quite social and meet with friends for coffee and movies throughout the week.


Introverts and couch potatoes are appealing:

Example 1: I look forward to coming home after a long day or week and cook a little dinner, curl up by the fireplace and watch a movie or read a good book. It would be sweet to share that with someone special and talk about our day, exchange stories, and talk about our dreams.
Example 2: If your favorite exercise is eating nachos, chilling, watching shows like Simpsons and Parks and Recreation, we might be a match. Love to hit the best new local foodie hotspots with a co-food critic. You?


Retain your own writing style, and “up” the flare:

I gotta spend LOTS of time playing in nature, especially water!  Snowboarding or water skiing – cold or hot sports like that.  Sometimes I kick it solo or with a group of friends, but it would be sooo fun to have a Snowy, Splashy, Sunny kind of guy in my life. I love all kinds of music, but if you’re an old timey JAZZ lover, we need to talk.  As far as movies go, I’m flexible but don’t make me see blood and guts, okay?  I do love action-packed romantic comedies, though.  They count as thrillers…  Right?


*These profile samples are similar to actual Love Breakthrough Profile Makeovers, but have been changed significantly for the sake of privacy. They have been effectively designed to spark conversation with the best matches for the individual.  Questions?  Please feel free to contact Online Dating Profile Writer Christy Sanborn.