Online Dating Strategy Launch

Farewell lonely weekends, I’m flying off to some swanky frolic pads!

Prepare for Take-off!

If you…

  • Are serious about finding a long term committed romantic relationship
  • Aim to conduct yourself ethically, safely, and enjoyably in dating & relating
  • Want to start out on the right foot and put your best foot forward
  • Need to take full advantage of what online sites provide while saving time, energy, and heartbreak
  • Want all that the Online Dating Profile Makeover includes

Then you should do the Launch, Posi-lutely!

What you get:

  1. Full Online Dating Profile Makeover and all it comes with
  2. A deeper exploration of past negative patterns and how to change them
  3. Basic schoolin’ in how to interpret matches’ profiles
  4. How & whom to message to save time, energy & heartbreak
  5. Understanding of how the site(s) you’re using work and how to take advantage of their features
  6. A complimentary 30 minute dating hotline session within 30 days after the Launch session

What a Launch Session involves:

  1. About 3 hours with Flying Instructor Christy via Skype.
  2. Recorded so Christy (only!) to get the best sense of wording for your profile. You also get a recording so you can refer to it whenever you need a reminder.
  3. All that the Online Dating Profile Makeover Includes!

Contact us for details.


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