I do solemnly swear that I am a real human being who has benefited from Love Breakthrough’s services.


“Christy has been great.  She helped me put together an online dating profile I could be proud of and later talked me through some tough dating situations.  If you’re trying to figure out dating as an adult, she can definitely help get you started and, if you need it, keep you going in the right direction.  I honestly recommend her to all my friends.”  –John R.


“When I first mustered up the courage to tell my boyfriend that I loved him, his response to me was, ‘I really really really like you but I want to be careful with the word love.’ I was crestfallen and hurt. Christy was empathetic. She suggested that we may be at the same emotional state, but using different vocabulary. She pointed out how stable and appropriate he was. She gave us tools to move forward in the relationship. From time to time I reach out to Christy. She gives insight that deeply helps our relationship.”  – Aiko G.


“See above.” – Aiko G.’s Boyfriend


“Christy has a wonderful way of making you feel completely at ease, while still giving you solid, practical, and compassionate advice. I brought many a dating conundrum to her and she never shied away from offering a balanced, helpful response to even the most complicated (or seemingly complicated) situation. I’m so thankful for how she helped me understand the differences between men and women and how we think. Now I’m preparing for marriage to a man who sometimes drives me crazy, but fits me oh so well. Now I know it’s possible to find love. In this mixed up world of crazy relationships, getting help with your dating life – especially if you ultimately want to stop dating and get married – is not frivolous, it’s pretty much essential. Thank you, Christy!”Maggie, 41


Christy took the time to listen to my relationship journey and understand what my needs and concerns were. She helped me differentiate some between some of the truths and lies to help me gain clarity on what I can be mindful about moving forward in future relationships.  She was gentle, helpful, and sensitive in her coaching approach.  I especially felt encouraged by her words which brought me comfort, hope, and confidence that I was on the right path.  – Anonymous