“You’re So Needy!”

It’s not a compliment when someone says this to you or about you.  They perceive you as clingy and desperate.  Not very flattering, and no one wants to be thought of that way.

In light of this common perception of neediness, many people deny that they have needs at all, as if having a need is a shameful thing or will be costly to other people.  They say, “No, I’m good, thanks,”  “I don’t need help.”  “It’s no big deal.”  They neglect the need, but that need will make itself known.  It will find a way to manifest, to call attention to itself – in a way that may be unhealthy and possibly harmful.

What if it’s not so bad to be “needy”?  What if it’s just being honest about being human and experiencing the human condition?  What if you are super needy because you have a greater capacity to eventually give a lot in the long run?  A more robust vehicle has a bigger tank because it requires more fuel to accomplish its purpose.

Getting your needs met is a simple 4-step process:

1. Acknowledge the need.

2. Ask yourself who or what could most appropriately meet this need.

3. Go to the “someone” or the source for help whom you think might be able to meet the need, and receive from them.

3. If they can’t help, go to the next person or resource for help, and so on, until your need is met.


Trust that if one gas station is closed, there will be another up ahead.  Keep moving forward.  You have much to give.

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